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About Us

Trunorth Projects business owner and Registered Building Practitioner, Greg Lamb has been dedicated to delivering attainable, sustainable and high-performance homes for over 12 years. He is an accredited Master Builders Green Living Practitioner and proud member of the Sustainable Builders Alliance and HIA Victoria, with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your next project is an informative, high quality and professional building experience. 

Greg's long standing fascination for people's connection with the built environment can be traced back to his early years where his creative endeavours were most successfully expressed through fine arts, graphic design and woodwork.

After graduating in art and design, Greg pursued a colourful career working in many of Melbourne's major design firms and corporate branding agencies. The projects that impacted most for him was environmental branding that required real-life solutions for effective communication of architectural sign systems and public wayfinding. These multifaceted projects were not dissimilar to any other construction process as they required the collaboration of many expert disciplines, such as graphic and industrial designers, electrical engineers, product developers, manufacturers, installers as well as council permits to achieve a shared outcome (effective design + construction!). 

In 2009 Greg hung up his keyboard and pen in exchange for a nail bag and hammer, enrolling in a mature-age apprenticeship in carpentry, which he qualified in the beginning of 2012. Already supported by a technical and professional work acumen, he was directly employed as Senior Carpenter and Team Leader for Melbourne-based sustainable design and build company, Positive Footprints.

Whilst continuing his commitment to learning and applying effective design principles within his new discipline, Greg advanced into project management within the company and eventually attained his builders registration.

In 2019 Greg made the inevitable decision to take the leap and 'follow his own path'. Culminating all his experience gained in both the corporate design and construction industries, he now offers a unique industry approach with his own tenable construction business Trunorth Projects.

What is the Trunorth Philosophy?

The idiom ‘Finding your True North’ means to live by your internal compass, to know and be true to your core values, beliefs and principles. The philosophy of Trunorth Projects is two fold:

- Firstly, we are true to our moral compass, committed to building high-performing, sustainable homes. Homes carefully planned and designed to efficiently use materials, resources and energy to minimise its footprint on the environment, both in build stage and into the future during occupancy until end-of-life.

- Secondly, we ensure we work with clients with aligned core values, beliefs and principles; and we work true to these values. We believe in living respectfully on this earth, conscious of our immediate and long term impact.


What does Trunorth the name stand for?

Trunorth Projects is underpinned by our “TRU” service ideology - Trust, Respect, Understanding.

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